Cazal Sunglasses

Cazal Sunglasses are some of the most iconic, sought after and elusive designer sunglasses on the market. Most casuals won’t even know the name of the brand, unless they happen to have seen it tattooed on Rick Ross’s face, but for the hardcores, we know just how important this brand of sunglasses are.

Well, today is your lucky day because I am going to let you in on why Cazal Sunglasses are the hottest market on the internet and what’s making them so popular among those in the know. 

One of the most important things you need to know about the sunglasses game is that it is run (mostly) by one company. This huge company that controls the entire vertical market. Lots of people who buy sunglasses don’t even realize how the industry is setup, so I am going to break it down for you.

designer-brands-logoWhen you start a fashion house like Chanel or Prada, you start because you want to make clothing, or purses or other types of apparel that have your flair. You want to put your stamp on the fashion world and so you start producing your own garments. If people like what you’re putting out there, with a little bit of luck, you can grow your brand into a billion dollar business like one of the aforementioned brands.

Now if you happen to have a knack for making trend setting outfits and have built your brand to have cache and prestige in an industry where that is the holy grail, what are some ways you can cash in on that outside of your area of expertise? You’re not going to team up with American Airlines and start offering people discounts. You’re not going to buy a super bowl commercial because your audience is select.

The truth is you don’t want to saturate your brand because in order to maintain the cache and prestige you’ve diligently built, you need to keep it exclusive and upscale. The answer to how you can grow your business, is to grow your product line. Rather than just coming out with a new line of garments every season, you can introduce handbags, belts, shoes and yes, even sunglasses.

Now, if you’re producing your garments for the most part your operation will most likely be able to handle producing other types of accessories such as handbags and shoes, because they’re not that much different. However, if you want to make a pair of sunglasses, how are you going to go about it? Between the metals, the lenses, the designs (which you may have an opinion on, but you’re far from an expert on the technical aspects) you don’t have a clue on where to start.

luxotticaIntroducing… Luxottica. Luxottica designs, manufacturers and sells sunglasses for most of the major brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Prada, Armani, Tiffany & Co, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Michael Kors, Burberry and many, many more. The reason they produce so many brands is because it’s a good fit for those designer labels. They outsource everything to Luxottica and Luxottica basically licenses the use of those brands. They both make money and it’s just icing on the cake for the top designer houses in the world.

If you were impressed with their lineup, you’ll also be surprised to know that Luxottica, not wanting to simply depend on other people’s brands, actually purchased some of the most iconic sunglass brands in the world including both Ray Ban and Oakley. They outright own each of those brands.

I digress, you may be wondering, wow, that’s pretty crazy! Luxottica manufactures the sunglasses of most of the top brands in the world and you had no clue. Well, that’s not even the half. Would you be surprised if I told you that they also own Sunglass Hut, Lens Crafters,, PearleVision, Sears Optical and Target Optical? Well, it’s true. They do.

Take a moment to think about that. Not only are the sunglasses that you (filthy casuals) are wearing completely independent from the brands in which you buy them for, but they’re also sold directly to you by the company who is basically just leasing the brand. Do you feel deceived yet? You should! But just for good measure, you probably also have optical insurance right? Well, Luxottica also happens to be one of the largest insurance carriers of optical insurance so they got you there too.

For the few of you who are still out to lunch on why this is such an egregious faux pas, let me explain it to you. When you buy a Kirkland undershirt from Costco you’re okay with it because it’s a mass produced product that is meant to be economical. However, when you buy a Hermes designer handbag, you pay the outrageous prices because it’s quality. It’s handmade, it’s designer.

If you found out that Prada, D&G, Chanel, Michael Kors and all the other designers actually outsourced their designs, their manufacturing and their sales to Walmart but yet still charged the same prices would you be okay with that?

That’s exactly what’s happening in the sunglasses business.  

Okay, so now let’s come back to Cazal Sunglasses. They are handmade, in limited quantity in Germany. Not mass produced in China and designed by a lab team of hack jobs. This is why so many stars love these sunglasses, because unlike 99% of other brands out there, they are TRUE designer sunglasses.

If you would like designer sunglasses made by people who know and love sunglasses and own some truly unique eyewear art..

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